Monday, April 13, 2009

I just Can't Let it Go

I just can't let this blog go.  Although the new Blog-tique (is that cute?)  is ready, I still feel the need to post my journals here.  It's comfortable you know.  Any who,  I have decided to keep posting here.  What can I say?  I signed up for my web design classes today.  Yippie!  To say I am excited in a understatement.  Soon I will know the ends and outs of website designing, and so much more.  I hope!  Things are looking good though.  New classes will be posted over at the store by the end of April.  I cannot wait to start teaching again.  There is something exciting about watching people learn something the first time.  Every one's happy.  Well, it's back to the drawing board good folks.  I have a pile of applications awaiting me.  Can you believe it's market season again?  I'm just happy to be done working for Corporate America.  Yes I am living my dream.  On that note, I hope all of you are living your dream or striving towards it.  For all dreams can be a reality with an abundance of faith, and a lot of hard work.  Have beautiful week.  

Be Blessed, 

Miss Kelli (Bijou)

P.S.  The roses above were my Easter treat to myself.  Organic Blush Roses.  Can you believe Great Spirit created something some beautiful?  I am truly thankful for my life and all that is afforded to me.  Even the things that may seem negative at the time, are turned into positive lessons by the Great Spirit.  Not to offend anyone.  Just sharing what is in my heart.

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