Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bijou Beaute Contest August 2008

To kick off the new fall line, I thought it would be cool to have a super pretty contest. In two sentences, tell us why you are a beautiful Jewel. Do you give back to your community? Or perhaps you are the worlds greatest mom. The person that gives the best answer will receive our Because I'm a Princess Bracelet (colors may vary) and a $10.00 online gift certificate to use on ETSY. May the best "Beaute" win. Post all answers in the comments section.
Contest ends September 5, 2008
Check back September 7, 2008 for the winner
*Only one entry per person
*Only one winner per contest

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yes, I know I am supposed to be resting, but I could not help myself. This morning I read an article about the predictions for the winter ( mother nature dances to her own tune), and I am so anxious for snow. Don't call me crazy, and please don't laugh. I'm serious. Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love cold white snow. There is something about the peace it brings when it falls. With that said, I have been seriously thinking about making some warm and cozy cold weather goods, for this winter. Anything you want in particular? Let me know.

Miss Bijou, " Sneezing the day away"

Sew Mama Sew........ You Say

Well it's been a chic pink minute since I have updated the blog ( forgive me... pretty please), so here's what's been up. First, as most of you know I not only run this pretty little business of mine, but I also run a Farmers Market. Go figure. So anywho, the awsome village faire just played out and I have to say, things went well. In the meantime ( before the village faire) I have been working non-stop on some very beautiful new fall items. My most favorite is...... well I don't have just one. If you have paid a visit to the site, than you have seen my super cute, very girly t-shirts. When I say that these shirts are soft I am not lying ( Promise). On top of that the feminine couture style cut is out of this world. To match the first batch of shirts, I also created the " Gracie Bag", which is super cute. It features durable quilted material, and lots of swanky detailing. To match I also created a few more bags to match the tote, because we all know that some ladies need a lot of stash bags. Lo.l. With that said, I finally finished two of Retro style aprons, I have been working. And boy are they cute. If I don't sell them before this weekend I will post some pics and list them for sell on ETSY. New wallets and stash bags will be coming to ETSY soon, its just that every time I make a few, they sale before I can list them on ETSY. If you can leave me some feedback, and let me know if there is anything special you want to see for the fall. I have some new fabrics and cameos on the way so stay tuned, and visit the shop often. By the way I want to say thanks to Sydnei at Simply Sentimental, she featured our shop on her Thursday blog post. Well I'm signing off, hoping to get rid this allergy fit I am having and back to making hip goodies. Until tomorrow, have a blessed day and stay hip.


Miss Bijou

" I have a Best Friend by the Name of Miss Emerald 183, she's Sew Fantastic"