Saturday, April 18, 2009

25 Things About Miss Kelli

  1.   I have faith, even when I’m partially in doubt.
  2.   I love people, although I am quite shy.
  3.   My favorite pastime is reading.
  4. I love to Cook and Bake. 
  5.   Geraldine and Esperance Roses are my favorites.
  6.   I love taking pictures.
  7. I think snow should fall year round in Michigan.
  8. I love open spaces and air.
  9. I see the beauty in things others do not.
  10. Pink is my favorite color.
  11.   I’m a workaholic.
  12.   I like silent movies.
  13.   I love the Victorian era.
  14.   I’m a history buff.
  15.   I love watermelon lemonade.
  16.   I love Model T pickups.
  17.   My favorite singer is Amel Larrieux 
  18.   My favorite author is Beverly Jenkins
  19.   I love classical music
  20.   My favorite movie is Miss Potter
  21.   I love vintage clothing.
  22.   I collect Barbies.
  23.   I’m a Romantic at heart.
  24.   My first love is designing spaces.
  25.   I  can sing.
Any questions?  Just ask.

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