Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad News, Many Blessings

Recently I learned a favorite designer of mine was going through some major trouble with her  company, and all I can say is that I felt bad for her.  Really bad.  As a designer and artist I know how tough it is to get your ideas out there and have people believe in you, so to loose all that in a matter of months cannot be fun.  Hopefully Ms. Ashwell, the jump starter of Shabby Chic and all of its sister brands will pull through.  To those who have left mean spirited comments on other media outlet websites, shame on you.  In a day in age when so many are loosing so much no matter what race, gender, or financial class, you would think that more people would be careful about what they say.  You never know, you could be next.  So to Rachel Ashwell I say God Bless and move forward.  You have a load of supporters rallying around you, and we believe in you.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rate Our Space


Right quick, please go over to HGTV's rate my space and vote for us.

It seems that there were some people on the rate my space sight who could not handle the competition.  Honestly for me you guys, I just wanted to share my beautiful photos.  I don't make money from small competitions like that, I earn it by working hard and creating quality goods.  To all of those who supported us and left positive comments, I thank you.  Your warm kind hearted words will bring you joy and peace in life.  Remember, one hater can not and will not stop me from doing what I love do.  Anyways, I'm done venting, back to positive things.  By the way we had 126 hits just yesterday alone, all high scores except for the one vermin.  Don't worry I see you.  God bless you.  It must be hard holding some much hate inside.

Love you guys,

Miss Bijou

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Items!

See at

The Yellow House that Could

Finally, here is a photo of the Yellow House that could.  Or so we hope.  This is the current headquarters for Bijou Beaute.  Here is where we design, refinish, and will soon be teaching classes.  We invite everyone to come and see us anytime.  For the past month we have had many visitors stop by, most nice and some not.  That's reality.  We in no way have any affliation to prier businesses that were once located in our spot, and yes we are a Small Business Corporation.  

Many people have asked whether or not we will be filling our store store to the brim, like many others?  The answer is no.  First reason being that I cannot stand clutter, and I don't like to see things, especially antique or vintage, get broken.  When I go to a store or boutique, I like to look at things and not worry about breaking or tripping over something.  So with that said, we are keeping things light and flowing, and of course pretty.  Being junky is not cool.  

Be Blessed,

Miss Bijou

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being sick isn't so bad...

Being sick is no fun and that's what I have been for the past day and a half.  Of course for me the always business phase of mind worry wart, being sick is usually worse.  But I introduce to you, my baby Taz.  When the chips are down and there's no fun around, he comes and looks at you just as pictured above.  How can this sweet look not make you feel better?  For the better part of the day, this handsome young man brought every toy he owned, along with every treat he had stashed and demanded that we play.  So for a little while today I did not think about the fact that I had no energy, couldn't go to the boutique, and dared not sew a thing.  I played with Mr. Milkbone and a load of others whom I've met before.  If you don't have a sweet little dog, you should get one.  They truly make you feel better and look out for you.

With that said, I am currently sipping on Yogi tea, and entertaining the idea of having some cherry italian ice.  Yummy!  I hope to have the class calenders together by this weekend and maybe some new collection photos.

Be Blessed,

Miss Bijou 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Entertaining Angels

So often I feel we all forget how special life is.  We get so caught up in the who, what, and now that we may not realize when a blessing is right before our very eyes.  You see, as humans we often confuse what we feel is right for us, and our own stubbornness with what is good for us.  Many of us often send up a prayer or wish to a higher power expecting to get what it is we asked for, instead of what we really need.  With that said, I believe on a few occasions I have shared space with angels and been fortunate enough to be blessed with their conversation.  This is not a long post, even possibly something I will touch back on later.  But I leave you with this.  Treat people with the same common courtesy you would like.  Always ask yourself could I be entertaining one of the higher spirits angels.  This post is not meant to offend anyone, but instead offer nourishing food for the mind.  Offer someone around you a hug or friendly handshake.  You'll both feel better.

Sweet Dreams,

Miss Bijou

Miss Gracie Is Hot Stuff!

Around here Miss Gracie is the hot commodity.  So much so, she may be about to take a vacation.  You see we don't believe in mass producing or putting out over a certain amount of our goods.  We like exclusivity and so do our customers.  But don't fret yet, Miss Gracie will be strutting her stuff a little while longer.  Order yours before she takes a vacation.  

$58.00+Shipping and Handling ($10.00)

What's New/ What's Not


Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the changing of seasons.  Although it seems as if Winter has left me, I can appreciate the coming of Spring and the beauty that tags along.  Its been a while since we released a new apron set, and yes a new one is coming soon.  Along with that will be the much anticipated Kitchen Towel sets and Clothespin Bags.  The much anticipated Hanger Sets are now on sell at the special price of $5.00 a set(2).  I still have three sets left.  Get them while you can.  

On another note, new classes are coming soon and a schedule will be posted here on the blog.  I am not sure whether or not we will be offering home decor classes, but jewelry is a definite.  

New Collections:

Cottage Manor
Pink Farmhouse
Tickle Your Fancy Chic

Trunk Show Coming Soon!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'll have one in pink

So here's the deal.  Ever since way back yonder I've dreamed of having one of these in pink.  A Model T truck that is.  Who would have ever thought that Mr. Fords first version of a pick-up would have me intrigued over 100 years later.  Wow!  This is old fashioned simplicity at its finest.  Wouldn't this look perfect in the drive next to my cottage blue farmhouse.  Oh yeah!  Any who, I just thought I would share this interesting dream of mine.  What's yours?  There may be a prize waiting or the first person to share his or her dream.

Tickle Your Fancy Chic

Hey there,

Just stopping by to post new photos of the items featured in our Lolli Shop Store.  Stop by and see us.  We are also taking wholesale orders again for the Spring and Summer.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Living a Dream

Are you living a dream?

That's something to ask yourself.  Are you living your life to it's fullest?  Or are you working towards something that's nothing?  Recently I decided to give up my job as a Market Manager and focus full throttle on expanding my business.  At first I was a tad bit Leary and questioned whether or not I had lost my mind.  But then I asked myself? What are you working towards.  My main reason for taking on my previous job was because I honestly wanted to make a difference in my community.  Well I soon realized that things don't work that way for other people.  Now out of sheer professionalism I will not elaborate precisely, but after almost two weeks of being solely self employed, I'm loving it.  No more answering to anyone else, no more game playing.  

I now start my day being excited about going to work, and boy let me tell you that feels good.   But wait.  It's also scary.  You see I have this little problem.  I'm a work-a-holic (SP?)!  I feel weird if I am not working like a mad woman.  Guess what?  Problem solved.  I know a gazillion projects to finish, including some new business package layouts, and of course class preparations.  Can I tell you a secret.  I really am loving this kind of busy.  

With that said, I just want everyone who reads this post to take a minute and ask yourself:  Are you living a dream?  A wise man once said Dreams can be a reality.  Is the Great Spirit trying to guide you toward your dream?  Are you denying yourself?  I  know letting go is hard and shedding your job security blanket is even harder, but don't deprive yourself.  Live your Dream, Work toward your dream.  It's not that far away.  And remember to put integrity before dividends, and faith before doubt.

By the way, Living a Dream came from my car salesman, Quote"  Tell them you are living a dream"  

Miss Bijou

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