Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello My Darlings


Just checking in.  Hope everyone is doing well.  I am the queen of clumsy today.  It all began this morning when I flipped over a can of pop, then dropped a runaway paper towel roll, only to be followed by stumping my toe, almost flooding my bathroom with bath water, and then burning the you know what out of my fingers.  Why me?  I found it interesting that there is a full moon tonight, which usually means I am going to do something hazardous one way or another, hence my roller coaster day.  Gosh darn atmosphere energy!  Any who, on a lighter note, the new blogtique is almost complete.  I finally had a chance to purchase my copy of The Farm Chicks book, which is very cute.  Anyone else purchase it yet?  Also bought my copy of Marie Antoinette, which in my opinion was worth the money.  

Well my pretties, it's back to sewing land.  I have last minute orders to complete for easter.  Maybe I will post some pictures after the holiday.  Keep checking back for new information.  I will also be uploading new coupons in recognition of the new Blogtique and my B-Day.  

Sweet Dreams,

Miss Bijou

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