Monday, March 23, 2009

The Yellow House that Could

Finally, here is a photo of the Yellow House that could.  Or so we hope.  This is the current headquarters for Bijou Beaute.  Here is where we design, refinish, and will soon be teaching classes.  We invite everyone to come and see us anytime.  For the past month we have had many visitors stop by, most nice and some not.  That's reality.  We in no way have any affliation to prier businesses that were once located in our spot, and yes we are a Small Business Corporation.  

Many people have asked whether or not we will be filling our store store to the brim, like many others?  The answer is no.  First reason being that I cannot stand clutter, and I don't like to see things, especially antique or vintage, get broken.  When I go to a store or boutique, I like to look at things and not worry about breaking or tripping over something.  So with that said, we are keeping things light and flowing, and of course pretty.  Being junky is not cool.  

Be Blessed,

Miss Bijou

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