Sunday, March 8, 2009

Living a Dream

Are you living a dream?

That's something to ask yourself.  Are you living your life to it's fullest?  Or are you working towards something that's nothing?  Recently I decided to give up my job as a Market Manager and focus full throttle on expanding my business.  At first I was a tad bit Leary and questioned whether or not I had lost my mind.  But then I asked myself? What are you working towards.  My main reason for taking on my previous job was because I honestly wanted to make a difference in my community.  Well I soon realized that things don't work that way for other people.  Now out of sheer professionalism I will not elaborate precisely, but after almost two weeks of being solely self employed, I'm loving it.  No more answering to anyone else, no more game playing.  

I now start my day being excited about going to work, and boy let me tell you that feels good.   But wait.  It's also scary.  You see I have this little problem.  I'm a work-a-holic (SP?)!  I feel weird if I am not working like a mad woman.  Guess what?  Problem solved.  I know a gazillion projects to finish, including some new business package layouts, and of course class preparations.  Can I tell you a secret.  I really am loving this kind of busy.  

With that said, I just want everyone who reads this post to take a minute and ask yourself:  Are you living a dream?  A wise man once said Dreams can be a reality.  Is the Great Spirit trying to guide you toward your dream?  Are you denying yourself?  I  know letting go is hard and shedding your job security blanket is even harder, but don't deprive yourself.  Live your Dream, Work toward your dream.  It's not that far away.  And remember to put integrity before dividends, and faith before doubt.

By the way, Living a Dream came from my car salesman, Quote"  Tell them you are living a dream"  

Miss Bijou

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