Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being sick isn't so bad...

Being sick is no fun and that's what I have been for the past day and a half.  Of course for me the always business phase of mind worry wart, being sick is usually worse.  But I introduce to you, my baby Taz.  When the chips are down and there's no fun around, he comes and looks at you just as pictured above.  How can this sweet look not make you feel better?  For the better part of the day, this handsome young man brought every toy he owned, along with every treat he had stashed and demanded that we play.  So for a little while today I did not think about the fact that I had no energy, couldn't go to the boutique, and dared not sew a thing.  I played with Mr. Milkbone and a load of others whom I've met before.  If you don't have a sweet little dog, you should get one.  They truly make you feel better and look out for you.

With that said, I am currently sipping on Yogi tea, and entertaining the idea of having some cherry italian ice.  Yummy!  I hope to have the class calenders together by this weekend and maybe some new collection photos.

Be Blessed,

Miss Bijou 

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