Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rate Our Space


Right quick, please go over to HGTV's rate my space and vote for us.

It seems that there were some people on the rate my space sight who could not handle the competition.  Honestly for me you guys, I just wanted to share my beautiful photos.  I don't make money from small competitions like that, I earn it by working hard and creating quality goods.  To all of those who supported us and left positive comments, I thank you.  Your warm kind hearted words will bring you joy and peace in life.  Remember, one hater can not and will not stop me from doing what I love do.  Anyways, I'm done venting, back to positive things.  By the way we had 126 hits just yesterday alone, all high scores except for the one vermin.  Don't worry I see you.  God bless you.  It must be hard holding some much hate inside.

Love you guys,

Miss Bijou

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