Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Entertaining Angels

So often I feel we all forget how special life is.  We get so caught up in the who, what, and now that we may not realize when a blessing is right before our very eyes.  You see, as humans we often confuse what we feel is right for us, and our own stubbornness with what is good for us.  Many of us often send up a prayer or wish to a higher power expecting to get what it is we asked for, instead of what we really need.  With that said, I believe on a few occasions I have shared space with angels and been fortunate enough to be blessed with their conversation.  This is not a long post, even possibly something I will touch back on later.  But I leave you with this.  Treat people with the same common courtesy you would like.  Always ask yourself could I be entertaining one of the higher spirits angels.  This post is not meant to offend anyone, but instead offer nourishing food for the mind.  Offer someone around you a hug or friendly handshake.  You'll both feel better.

Sweet Dreams,

Miss Bijou

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