Monday, September 1, 2008

New Items

New Items are arriving in our boutique. Recently I decided to expand our brand, and with that came the idea of aprons. Not just any aprons, gorgeous(my very own pattern) retro style ones. The coolest thing about these aprons is that I used a variety of unique fabrics, and snazzy embellishments. Also, these sweet baby girls, had the pleasure of being sewn on my semi-new Emerald 183 (I'm ready to move on up). The stitching details are to die for as well as sassy feminine cut. Wear these just for fun, or to actually protect your clothing. I hope to soon add a few baby items to the boutique. Lord knows I could go crazy making things for all of your sweet baby girls. Any who, I will be checking back in later to see if any one has entered the contest.

-Miss Bijou

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