Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coco Chanel

First, I must start by saying I loved the lifetime movie Coco Chanel. I was espicially taking by the young Coco and her ambitious ideas. Somehow that part of her legacy lives through me. There is not one person that I have ever met who does not like something Chanel. Now granted my Favorite perfume Chance was not created by the designer herself, but none the less, its ambiance screams Coco. With that said, I found myself basking in all my fashionable glory, enthused by the fact that I own 1930's Chanel style black dress. The funny thing is that I wore the dress recently to a party, and the first two words from most everyone, were Beautiful and Different. Thanks! What else could I say? Earlier this summer wore a very sleek Chanelesque vintage dress. Looking back at the photos, I think Miss Chanel would be proud.

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