Thursday, February 26, 2009

A quick hello!

I hope everyone is doing well.  As most of you know I have been working very hard to get the new store ready.  While I am so blessed to be living and breathing, I have to admit this new phase has tested my will and patience.  From scrapped website plans to ruined furniture, I have dealt with it all.  But through everything I thank the Great Spirit for the strength given to me so that I could keep moving forward.  With that said, I am really hoping to have a new website soon, but I want to make sure it's one that represents my company well.  I'll just use the boyfriend philosophy, when it's the right one I will know.

Any who, on to prettier things, if you did not have a chance to check out the photo collage, please do so.  I will soon be listing some of the gorgeous refinished furniture from my boutique soon.  I will be listing some of the cool items you can purchase from the boutique.

Sweet Grass Farm Lip Balm Tin $3.50 ea.

My favorite is the mint lip balm.  With the cold Michigan weather it works great and soothes the lips.  

Lavender Bath Syrup $8.00 ea.

Solitude and peace of mind in a bottle.  This bath oil is a personal favorite of mine.  It smells like fresh cut lavender and leaves the skin feeling soothed.  

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