Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life As A Small Business Owner

Embarking on the journey that is my business, has been blissful and hard. Endless days of worrying how others will accept new designs, and endless sleepless nights of creating last minute ideas have become the norm. No longer do I ponder whether or not I should keep pushing forward, or slowly retreat back. I am at the stage in my business where I constantly repeat to myself "there is no way your stopping", okay. It's not hard to remember all the long hard hours I worked at unfulfiling jobs, just so I could fund my business.

Many people often ask if it's hard? What do you think? That's what I'd like to say, but instead I answer with the age old saying "anything worth having is worth fighting for". Unfortunately, I don't have a spicy tale of what has led to what i'd like to think is a profound moment in life. Unlike Coco and the many others who had their thriller love affairs, or dances with the unknown. I have led a pretty simple life up to this point. As my business heads off in different directions, so do I.

I feel like the wind, blowing which ever way Mother Nature tells me too. That's how I feel when I am creating. It's a feeling of Zen and rhythm. For those who don't know, these two things together represent life. It's the moment when I fall in to play with the sound of my viking working it's way through layers of beautiful fabric. And please don't get me wrong, I do also find zen and rhythm when creating jewelry. This also brings a sense of passion to me. Jewelry design and creation is my first love. Oh how I love using these hand of mine.

Over the next few days in between post I will be posting about ways to get the most out of your craft business, and how fulfilling it can be. Please feel free to comment, and ask any questions you would like answered.

Signing off, here's to Change Around the World.

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