Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sew Mama Sew........ You Say

Well it's been a chic pink minute since I have updated the blog ( forgive me... pretty please), so here's what's been up. First, as most of you know I not only run this pretty little business of mine, but I also run a Farmers Market. Go figure. So anywho, the awsome village faire just played out and I have to say, things went well. In the meantime ( before the village faire) I have been working non-stop on some very beautiful new fall items. My most favorite is...... well I don't have just one. If you have paid a visit to the site, than you have seen my super cute, very girly t-shirts. When I say that these shirts are soft I am not lying ( Promise). On top of that the feminine couture style cut is out of this world. To match the first batch of shirts, I also created the " Gracie Bag", which is super cute. It features durable quilted material, and lots of swanky detailing. To match I also created a few more bags to match the tote, because we all know that some ladies need a lot of stash bags. Lo.l. With that said, I finally finished two of Retro style aprons, I have been working. And boy are they cute. If I don't sell them before this weekend I will post some pics and list them for sell on ETSY. New wallets and stash bags will be coming to ETSY soon, its just that every time I make a few, they sale before I can list them on ETSY. If you can leave me some feedback, and let me know if there is anything special you want to see for the fall. I have some new fabrics and cameos on the way so stay tuned, and visit the shop often. By the way I want to say thanks to Sydnei at Simply Sentimental, she featured our shop on her Thursday blog post. Well I'm signing off, hoping to get rid this allergy fit I am having and back to making hip goodies. Until tomorrow, have a blessed day and stay hip.


Miss Bijou

" I have a Best Friend by the Name of Miss Emerald 183, she's Sew Fantastic"

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